Reshaping Retirement

Visit an established restaurant in your area and you may be struck by the number of gray-haired patrons. In fact, many of the seemingly older seniors are likely to be accompanied by their graying (or otherwise color-coiffed) middle aged children.


[CLICK HERE to read the article, “New Aging Statistics,” at The Administration on Aging, May 8, 2013.]


It’s official: Older people are taking over the earth. The stats have been anticipating this for years, but now it’s unmistakable via casual observation.


If you are of advanced age yourself, you may not even notice this phenomenon, because as far as you’re concerned these are just members of your peer group. If you’re accompanied by young children, they probably won’t notice either–a combination of not being particularly observant and the fact that the graying of America is very much a part of their normal, everyday lives.


But go to dinner with a young adult, and they may in fact notice how many more older people there are in the restaurant than other age groups. Bear in mind that when millennials go out together, they generally tend to pick newer establishments that cater to their demographic, so the local steakhouse and its older clientele could be an eye-opener.


It’s an interesting time to be getting older, with the rapid advance of technology. Much of it is designed to make aging easier–or at least can be purposed for such. For example, Skyping allows families to stay closer together, and adult children to keep an eye on aging parents that they don’t get to see very often.


Electronic automation enables retirees who live part of the year a thousand miles away from home to pay bills, change the thermostat, water the lawn or check out who just rang the doorbell (via a security camera at the front door) with a smartphone or tablet.


[CLICK HERE to read the article, “Dinner by Skype & Other Ways Tech Is Reshaping Retirement” at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, 2013.]


[CLICK HERE to read the article, “10 iPad Apps To Help Seniors Stay In Touch With Their Family and Friends,” at, April 26, 2013.]


Yes, vibrant as ever, older Americans now permeate every aspect of our lives – including those previously reserved for the young. This includes fashion magazines, fitness centers and universities. We’re happy to help discuss ways to position your financial life to accommodate a long and healthy lifestyle in retirement. Please give us a call.


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